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Growth and characterization of bulk GaN single crystals by basic ammonothermal method
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 Title & Authors
Growth and characterization of bulk GaN single crystals by basic ammonothermal method
Shim, Jang Bo; Lee, Young Kuk;
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Bulk GaN crystals were grown by the basic ammonothermal method. The c-plane GaN templates grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy were used as seed crystals and sodium metal, amide, and azide were added as a mineralizer. The growth conditions are at temperatures from and pressures from 2~3 kbar. The growth rate for the c-axis was increased with increasing the operating pressure. Average dislocation density was measured by the cathodoluminescence measurement. The full-width at half-maximum of the X-ray diffraction rocking curve for (002) reflection was approximately 270 arcsec for Ga face and 80 arcsec for N face.
GaN;Ammonothermal growth;Cathodoluminescence;X-ray diffraction rocking curve;
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GaN epitaxy 층의 식각특성에 미치는 공정변수의 영향,최병수;박해리;조현;

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