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Thermal shock behaviors of TiN coatings on Inconel 617 and Silicon wafer substrates with finite element analysis method
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 Title & Authors
Thermal shock behaviors of TiN coatings on Inconel 617 and Silicon wafer substrates with finite element analysis method
Lee, Ki-Seuk; Jeon, Seol; Cho, Hyun; Lee, Heesoo;
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The degradation behaviors of TiN coating layers under thermo-mechanical stress were investigated in terms of comparison of finite element analysis (FEA) and experimental data. The coating specimen was designed to quarter cylinder model, and the pulsed laser ablation was assumed as heat flux condition. The FEA results showed that heat accumulation at the center of the laser-ablated spot occurred and principle stress was concentrated at the lower region of the coating layer. The microstructural observation revealed that surface melting and decrease of the coating thickness occurred in the TiN/Inconel 617 and the interfacial cracks formed in the TiN/Si. The delamination was caused by the mechanical stress from the center to the outside of the ablated spot as the FEA results expected. It was considered that the improvement of the thermal shock resistance was attributed to higher thermal conductivity of Si wafer than that of Inconel 617.
TiN coating;Thermal shock behavior;Finite element analysis;Thermal conductivity;
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