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Facile synthesis and characteristics of monodispersed ZnGa2O4 microsphere via solvothermal method
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 Title & Authors
Facile synthesis and characteristics of monodispersed ZnGa2O4 microsphere via solvothermal method
Woo, Moo Hyun; Kang, Bong Kyun; Yoon, Dae Ho;
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Monodispersed microspheres were synthesized by a facile two-step process consisting of a solvothermal method and calcination process. The prepared monodispersed microspheres were aggregated into 3D microstructures by self-assembly with a large number of small particles generated in nucleation. This nucleation and self-assembly making hierarchical microstructures were depended on the concentration of PEG (polyethylene glycol) due to CAC (critical aggregation concentration) theory. And also we controlled the amount of zinc acetate to make pure phase. Additionally, to fix the optimized calcination condition, sample was characterized by TG-DTA to prove the thermal property in the calcination process and by FT-IR to identify the changes of functional group bonding between each element of the precursor and oxide calcined at for 1 h.
Zinc gallate;Nucleation;Self-assembly;Solvothermal;Monodisperse;
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