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Health Risk Assessments using GIS Method for the Abandoned Asbestos Mines
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Health Risk Assessments using GIS Method for the Abandoned Asbestos Mines
Choi, Jin-Beom; Son, Ill; Noh, Jin-Hwan;
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Health risk assessments for the abandoned asbestos mine were usually performed with activity-based sampling (ABS) method, which was not a effective tool for indexing health risk on an exact small area of mine. A newly proposed potential index of health risk (PIHR) was applied with proper spatial determination of geographical information system (GIS) to assess quantitatively health risks. A new trial was applied to a certain abandoned mine in Boryong as follows: A high grade area of PIHR was estimated 7.8% of the whole area of the mine (about 27.3 ha). Based on US EPA IRIS (integrated risk information system) model considering lifetime excess cancer risk (LECR), the health risk assessment indicated that the high grade area increased from 3.0 ha through 12.9 ha to 19.5 ha with an increase of asbestos contents in soil from 0.36% (1E-04 level) through 0.1% (3E-05 level) to 0.04% (1E-05 level). These results can be effectively applied to determine reclamation area of the abandoned asbestos mine.
Health risk assessment;abandoned asbestos mine;potential index of health risk (PIHR);geographical information system (GIS);integrated risk information system (IRIS);lifetime excess cancer risk (LECR);
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