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Petrological and Mineralogical Characteristics of Matrix of Pumice in Ulleung Island
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Petrological and Mineralogical Characteristics of Matrix of Pumice in Ulleung Island
Im, Ji-Hyeon; Choo, Chang-Oh; Jang, Yun-Deuk;
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Mineralogical and petrological characteristics were investigated on matrix of dense gray, vesiculate gray, brown and black pumice in Ulleung Island by using XRD, FT-IR, XRF, SEM and thermal analysis. According to the analysis, most of pumice matrix are amorphous and include very small amount of sanidine and anorthoclase. Since the adsorption moistures, which commonly observed as O-H peak in FT-IR spectrum, are not identified in thermal analysis, it seems reasonable to conclude that content of the adsorption moisture has very low level. Although pumice has a large specific surface area, with long time elapsed after eruption, pumice matrix shows very low degree of hydration alteration due to the low level of water content. In SEM images, most surfaces of pumice show morphological characteristics such as various shapes of vesicle with wrinkled and thin walls resulted from ductile coalescence. Dense gray pumice formed in the initial stage includes small vesicles less than in size with subangular to angular shapes, free of ovoid vesicle. These characteristics are interpreted to have related to the hydrous environment derived from phreato-plinian eruption. Submicron particles observed as amorphous alumina silicate assemblages in vesicle surface are considered as particles sticked to the matrix surface through rapidly cooling process during ascent of alkali phonolitic magma. It indicates that these particles coexisted partly with crystallized alkali feldspar.
Ulleung Island;pumice;matrix;alkali feldspar;vesicle;phreato-plinian eruption;
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울릉도의 하부층 현무암질 집괴암 층내 염기성 암맥에서 산출되는 타킬라이트의 광물학적 특성과 화산학적 의미,배수경;추창오;장윤득;

한국광물학회지, 2012. vol.25. 2, pp.63-76 crossref(new window)
울릉도 국수바위 주상절리의 형성과정과 자연유산적인 가치,우현동;박진수;오한솔;장윤득;

암석학회지, 2013. vol.22. 1, pp.9-17 crossref(new window)
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