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Structure Refinement and Equation of State Studies of the Exsoluted Ilmenite-Hematite
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 Title & Authors
Structure Refinement and Equation of State Studies of the Exsoluted Ilmenite-Hematite
Hwang, Gil-Chan; Kim, Young-Ho;
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Exsolution intergrowth of ilmenite and hematite was studied by the Rietveld refinement method. According to the analysis on these two structural analog minerals, it was found that octahedron (M2) of Ti in ilmenite is in the least deformation, then that (M1) of Fe in ilmenite is deformed next, and octaheron deformation of Fe in hematite is between M1 and M2. High pressure compression experiment was performed up to 5.8 GPa, where two minerals' XRD peaks merged completely. Ilmenite shows normal compression behavior, whereas hematite shrinks in very small amount. This kind of abnormal behavior might be due to the differential response to the applied pressure corresponding to the different compressibilities of the minerals each other.
Exsolution;ilmenite;hematite;Rietveld refinement;compression;abnormal behavior;
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저온변환에 따른 적철석의 자화안정도,장수진;유용재;

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