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Mineral Distribution in the Southeastern Yellow Sea Surface Sediments; KORDI Cruise Samples in 2010
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 Title & Authors
Mineral Distribution in the Southeastern Yellow Sea Surface Sediments; KORDI Cruise Samples in 2010
Cho, Hyen-Goo; Kim, Soon-Oh; Yi, Hi-Il; Shin, Kyung-Hoon;
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Mineral compositions of 69 southeastern Yellow Sea surface sediments collected at the Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI) cruise in 2010, were determined using the quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis. Southeastern Yellow Sea surface sediments are composed of major minerals (quartz 49.1%, plagioclase 13.0% and alkali feldspar 9.3%), clay minerals, calcite, and aragonite. Illite (9.4%) is the most abundant clay mineral, chlorite (4.6%) is the second, and kaolinite (0.8%) is few. Quartz and alkali feldspar contents are high in coarse-grained sediments, whereas amphibole and clay mineral contents are high in fine-grained sediments. Quartz, plagioclase, alkali feldspar, chlorite, and kaolinite contents are higher, and illite content is lower in mud zone 1 corresponding to south margin of Central Yellow Sea Mud than in mud zone 2, a part of Southeastern Yellow Sea Mud. Difference of mineral composition between two mud zone suggests that source of fine sediment may be different in two mud zone and Southeastern Yellow Sea Mud might be largely supplied from the Keum and Youngsan rivers in southern part of the west coast in the Korean Peninsula.
Quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis;surface sediment;Southeastern Yellow Sea Mud;Central Yellow Sea Mud;illite;clay mineral;provenance;
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정량 X-선 회절분석을 이용한 국내시판 단청안료의 광물조성 연구,문동혁;한민수;정혜영;고인희;조현구;

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