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Mineralogy of Garnierite from New Caledonian Ni Lateritic Ore
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Mineralogy of Garnierite from New Caledonian Ni Lateritic Ore
Cho, Hyen-Goo; Kim, Soon-Oh; Kim, Sang-Bae;
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Mineralogical characteristics of garnierite ores from the Nakety, Kouaoua, and Ouaco Ni laterite deposits in New Caledonia are investigated using optical microscopy, powder X-ray diffractometer, and electron proble microanalyzer. Green garnierite ores have colloform, cellular, and boxwork texture, which are formed by precipitation under low temperature surface environment. They are mainly composed of Ni-bearing talc~willemseite series mineral and partly of lizardite. In Ni-bearing talc~willemseite series mineral, NiO contents are Ouaco (average 40.63%), Nakety (average 28.58%), and Kouaoua (average 24.90%), in descending order. Ni atomic percentage replacing Mg in octahedral site are 43.5~85.0%. Dark brown garnierite ores show cellular or boxwork texture, and consist of lizardite~Ni lizardite with some Ni-bearing talc~willemseite series mineral. Ni contents in lizardite~Ni lizardite are 1.14~4.06 wt. % and Ni atomic percentage replacing Mg in octahedral site 1.7~6.8%. Low NiO content in dark brown garnierite attributes to high Fe content replacing Mg in octahedral site.
New Caledonia;Ni laterite deposits;garnierite;talc-willemseite series;lizardite;
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