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The Effect of Iron Content on the Atomic Structure of Alkali Silicate Glasses using Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy
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The Effect of Iron Content on the Atomic Structure of Alkali Silicate Glasses using Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy
Kim, Hyo-Im; Lee, Sung-Keun;
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The study on the atomic structure of iron-bearing silicate glasses has significant geological implications for both diverse igneous processes on Earth surface and ultra-low velocity zones at the core-mantle boundary. Here, we report experimental results on the effect of iron content on the atomic structure in iron-bearing alkali silicate glasses ( glasses, up to 16.07 wt% ) using and solid-state NMR spectroscopy. spin-lattice () relaxation time for the glasses decreases with increasing iron content due to an enhanced interaction between nuclear spin and unpaired electron in iron. MAS NMR spectra for the glasses show a decrease in signal intensity and an increase in peak width with increasing iron content. However, the heterogeneous peak broa-dening in MAS NMR spectra suggests the heterogeneous distribution of species around iron in iron-bearing silicate glasses. While nonbridging oxygen () and bridging oxygen (Si-O-Si) peaks are partially resolved in MAS NMR spectrum for iron-free silicate glass, it is difficult to distinguish the oxygen clusters in iron-bearing silicate glass. The Lorentzian peak shape for and MAS NMR spectra may reflect life-time broadening due to spin-electron interaction. These results demonstrate that solid-state NMR can be an effective probe of the detailed structure in iron-bearing silicate glasses.
Iron-bearing silicate glasses; and NMR;atomic structure; spin-lattice relaxation time;
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