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The Effect of Microwave Heating on the Mineralogical Phase Transformation of Pyrite and Fe Leaching
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 Title & Authors
The Effect of Microwave Heating on the Mineralogical Phase Transformation of Pyrite and Fe Leaching
You, Don-Sang; Park, Cheon-Young;
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In order to study the phase transformation of pyrite and to determine the maximum Fe leaching factors, pyrite samples were an electric furnace and microwave oven and then ammonia leaching was carried out. The rim structure of hematite was observed in the sample exposed in an electric furnace, whereas a rim structure consisting of hematite and pyrrhotite were found in the microwave treated sample. Numerous interconnected cracks were only formed in the microwave treated sample due to the arcing effect, and these cracks were not found in the electric furnace treated sample. Under XRD analysis, pyrite and hematite were observed in the electric furnace treated sample, whereas pyrite, hematite and pyrrhotite were found in the microwave treated sample. The results of the pyrite sample leaching experiments showed that the Fe leaching was maximized with the particle size of -325 mesh, sulfuric acid of 2.0 M, ammonium sulfate of 1.0 M, and hydrogen peroxide of 1.0 M. The electric furnace and microwave treated samples were tested under the maximum leaching conditions, the Fe leaching rate was much greater in the microwave treated sample than in the electric furnace treated sample and the maximum Fe leaching time was also faster in the microwave treated sample than in the electric furnace treated sample. Accordingly, it is expected that the microwave heating can enhance (or improve) Fe leaching in industrial minerals as well as pyrite decomposition in gold ores.
pyrite;microwave heating;hematite;pyrrhotite;
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