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Occurence of Zn-Pb Deposits in Danjang-Myeon, Milyang Area
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 Title & Authors
Occurence of Zn-Pb Deposits in Danjang-Myeon, Milyang Area
Kwak, Ji Young; Kang, Chang Won; Joo, Soo Young; Jeong, Jae Han; Choi, Jin Beom;
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New occurrences of large-scaled Zn-Pb deposits are recently found in the Danjang-myeon, Milyang. They are skarn-type deposits which replaced the intercalated limestone beds in the Jeonggaksan Formation. This study aims at characterizing occurrences, mineralogy, and chemistry of Zn-Pb ores and skarn minerals. Skarn orebodies are mainly found in 3 areas, named Gukjeon-ri, Gorye-ri, and Gucheon-ri orebodies, where sphalerite found as main ore mineral in 200-300 m in height and amount of galena increases as altitude does. Ores are dark grey to dark green in color and closely related with clinopyroxene zone. They occur with hedenbergite, grossular, actinolite, epidote, and small amounts of axinite, calcite, and quartz. Main ore mineral is sphalerite which includes tiny spotted grains of galena and chalcopyrite and becomes rich in grade in association with clinopyroxene and epidote. FeS contents in sphalerite show relatively wide range between 1.53 and 23.07 mole%, whose contents intend to increase towards biotite granite known as ore-related igneous rocks. CdS contents are in the range of 0.22-0.93 mole%, showing decrease tendency from southwest (Gukjeon-ri) to northeast (Gucheon-ri). Zn-Pb deposits developed in Danjang-myeon reveal decrease in temperature with increase of altitude, leading to gradual changes in compositions of ore and skarn minerals.
Zn-Pb deposits;Jeonggaksan Formation;skarn;sphalerite;hedenbergite;grossular;
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