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High Pressure Behavior Study of the Apophyllite (KF)
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 Title & Authors
High Pressure Behavior Study of the Apophyllite (KF)
Kim, Young-Ho; Choi, Jinwon; Heo, Sohee; Jeong, Nangyeong; Hwang, Gil Chan;
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Apophyllite (KF)(), one of the sheet silicates, was compressed up to 7.7 GPa at ambient temperature and 15 high pressure data were obtained. Lattice parameters of the starting specimen were as follows: , , . Symmetrical diamond anvil cell was employed with synchrotron radiation in the mode of angular dispersive X-ray diffraction. Bulk modulus was determined to be 59(4) GPa when is 4. No clear first order phase transition symptom was observed in the series of XRD pattern. However, second-order phase transition cannot be ruled out from the correlation between normalized pressure and strain.
apophyllite (KF);bulk modulus;phase transition;normalized pressure;normalized strain;
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고압 하에서 녹연석의 압축성에 대한 연구,김영호;이누리;

한국광물학회지, 2016. vol.29. 4, pp.191-198 crossref(new window)
Compressibility Study of Pyromorphite at High Pressure, Journal of the mineralogical society of korea, 2016, 29, 4, 191  crossref(new windwow)
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