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Mineralogical Characteristic and Occurrence of Tremolite and Actinolite in the Dong-A mine, Korea
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Mineralogical Characteristic and Occurrence of Tremolite and Actinolite in the Dong-A mine, Korea
Kim, Seong Ho; Kim, Jeong Jin;
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As results of X-ray diffraction analysis, samples of asbestos and soil were composed maily of dolomite (, tremolite (), actinolite (), talc (), calcite () and small amounts of quartz () and clay minerals. The average size of asbestos fibers was about and maximum of some asbestos was in length. The aspect ratio of asbestos fiber were over 3 : 1 and inclined extinction in the range of . Single isolated fragments of asbestos are probably fiber and acicula form in crystal edge along the cleavage plane. Tremolite that composed main asbestos mineral in rock and soil around Dong-a mine is higher content of Fe than actinolite asbestos.
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