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Knowledge Structures and Research Management based on Bibliographic Analysis : A Case of Government-funded Research Institutes in Korea
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 Title & Authors
Knowledge Structures and Research Management based on Bibliographic Analysis : A Case of Government-funded Research Institutes in Korea
Jung, Woo-Sung; Yang, Hyeonchae;
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As research management is growing in importance for research organizations, their disciplinary structures need to be interpreted. However, it is not only difficult but ambiguous to detect causal relations between subjects because diverse disciplines interacting with each other lead the development of organizational research. Therefore, this article summarizes the major concepts and results recently achieved in the related fields such as research management, bibliographic analysis, information theory, and networks to characterize organizational knowledge structures. Relevant analytical methods obtained from the literature can be applied to empirical situations. Predictive causal relations can be measured using an information theoretic indicator on a series of organizational research portfolios identified from bibliographic information. A network approach would be suitable to manage organizational research effort from a holistic view. Knowledge structures of the Government-funded Research Institutes in Korea are explored experimentally.
Thematic Causality;Research Portfolio;Research Management;Transfer Entropy;Causality Network;
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