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The Effects of Sustainable Management Activity on Corporate and Product Evaluation
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  • Journal title : Korean Management Science Review
  • Volume 32, Issue 3,  2015, pp.119-130
  • Publisher : The Korean Operations and Management Science Society
  • DOI : 10.7737/KMSR.2015.32.3.119
 Title & Authors
The Effects of Sustainable Management Activity on Corporate and Product Evaluation
Park, Sang-June; Byun, Ji-Yeon;
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Previous studies have demonstrated that the three dimensions of Triple Bottom Line (TBL : economic, social, and environmental responsibility) indirectly affect product/corporate evaluation through reciprocity perception and trust (expertize-based trust and benevolence-based trust). Different from the past studies, this study investigates on the indirect effects as well as the direct effects of the three dimensions on product/corporate evaluation. The empirical results can be summarized as follows. First, reciprocity perception affects benevolence-based trust but it does not expertize-based trust. Second, the effect of economic dimension on product/corporate evaluation is not affected by reciprocity perception and benevolence-based trust, however, the effects of social dimension and environmental dimension on product/corporate evaluation are affected by reciprocity perception and benevolence-based trust.
Triple Bottom Line;Trust;Reciprocity Perception;Evaluation;
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