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Analysis on Determinant Affecting Open Innovation of Korean ICT Service Industry : Focusing on Network Service
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  • Journal title : Korean Management Science Review
  • Volume 32, Issue 4,  2015, pp.175-192
  • Publisher : The Korean Operations and Management Science Society
  • DOI : 10.7737/KMSR.2015.32.4.175
 Title & Authors
Analysis on Determinant Affecting Open Innovation of Korean ICT Service Industry : Focusing on Network Service
Kim, Eung-Do; Kim, Hongbum; Bae, Khee-Su;
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Due to the emergence of open innovation driven by development of network service technologies and convergence in ICT service industry, It is necessary for ICT service firms to examine their capabilities for open innovation. The purpose of this paper is to empirically examine determinants affecting open innovation in Korean ICT service industry. In order to analyze, this paper uses logistic and multiple regression models based on survey data of Korean ICT service firms. Estimation results show that external network for collaboration is positive on the technological innovation activity regardless of the innovation type. Specifically, user networks are significant in all types of technology innovation, revealing that it is important to innovation activities of the ICT service firms.
Network Service Industry;Open Innovation;Service Quality Improvement;ICT Ecosystem;
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