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Analysis of Users' Satisfaction Utility for Precipitation Probabilistic Forecast Using Collective Value Score
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  • Journal title : Korean Management Science Review
  • Volume 32, Issue 4,  2015, pp.97-108
  • Publisher : The Korean Operations and Management Science Society
  • DOI : 10.7737/KMSR.2015.32.4.097
 Title & Authors
Analysis of Users' Satisfaction Utility for Precipitation Probabilistic Forecast Using Collective Value Score
Yoon, Seung Chul; Lee, Ki-Kwang;
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This study proposes a mathematical model to estimate the economic value of weather forecast service, among which the precipitation forecast service is focused. The value is calculated in terms of users' satisfaction or dissatisfaction resulted from the users' decisions made by using the precipitation probabilistic forecasts and thresholds. The satisfaction values can be quantified by the traditional value score model, which shows the scaled utility values relative to the perfect forecast information. This paper extends the value score concept to a collective value score model which is defined as a weighted sum of users' satisfaction based on threshold distribution in a group of the users. The proposed collective value score model is applied to the picnic scenario by using four hypothetical sets of probabilistic forecasts, i.e., under-confident, over-confident, under-forecast and over-forecast. The application results show that under-confident type of forecasts outperforms the others as a measure of the maximum collective value regardless of users' dissatisfaction patterns caused by two types of forecast errors, e.g., miss and false alarm.
Contingency Table;Precipitation Probabilistic Forecast;Picnic Scenario;Threshold;Collective Value Score;Users' Utility;
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