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Immobilization of Late Transition Metal Catalyst on the Amino-functionalized Silica and Its Norbornene Polymerization
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  • Journal title : Applied Chemistry for Engineering
  • Volume 27, Issue 3,  2016, pp.313-318
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
  • DOI : 10.14478/ace.2016.1041
 Title & Authors
Immobilization of Late Transition Metal Catalyst on the Amino-functionalized Silica and Its Norbornene Polymerization
Pacia, Rose Mardie P.; Kim, So Hui; Lee, Jeong Suk; Ko, Young Soo;
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In this study, an amorphous silica was functionalized with aminosilane, N-[(3-trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine (2NS) and the late transition metal catalysts including ( and (COD)) were subsequently immobilized on the functionalized amorphous silica for norbornene polymerization. Effects of the polymerization temperature, polymerization time, Al/Ni molar ratio, and type of co-catalyst on norbornene polymerization were investigated. Unsupported late transition metal catalysts did not show any activities for norbornene polymerization. However, the /2NS/Ni catayst with MAO system, with increasing polymerization temperature, increased the polymerization activity and decreased the molecular weight of the polynorbornene (PNB). Furthermore, the catalyst when increasing polymerization temperature caused the decrease in both the polymerization activity and molecular weight of PNB. This confirmed that the stability of /2NS/Ni at a high temperature was greater than that of /2NS/Pd. Also the longer polymerization time resulted in the higher conversion of norbornene for both catalysts. When the Al : Ni molar ratio was 1000 : 1, the highest activity (15.3 kg-PNB/()) but lowest molecular weight (
late transition metal;surface functionalization;norbornene;vinyl-addition polymerizartion;
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