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Chromaticity Analysis of Natural Dyes Extracted from Sappan Wood, Gardenia, and Mugwort
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  • Journal title : Applied Chemistry for Engineering
  • Volume 27, Issue 3,  2016, pp.325-329
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
  • DOI : 10.14478/ace.2016.1044
 Title & Authors
Chromaticity Analysis of Natural Dyes Extracted from Sappan Wood, Gardenia, and Mugwort
Lee, Seung Bum; Kang, Hye Jin; Park, Myung Sun;
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Extracting natural dyes have been widely studied since the needs of eco-friendly and non-toxic natural dyes increased. In this paper, the natural dyes were extracted from sappan wood, gardenia, and mugwort containing brazilein, crocin, and chlorophyll process. After the extraction with variables of pH of solvent and reaction time, the chromaticity of extracted natural dyes was analyzed using quantitative values from brightness and color coordinate (L, a, b) based on the target colors of red, yellow and green. For the case of brazilein and crocin, the cadmium red and cadmium yellow, respectively were extracted. In the case of sappan wood and gardenia, the red pigment under pH 12 (
chromaticity analysis;natural dye;sappan wood;gardenia;mugwort;
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치자와 복분자분말을 첨가한 연근차의 품질특성,조수진;이지은;노정옥;

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