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Phenomenological Study on the Essential Meaning of Gentile New Yorkers -Focusing on Fashion Designers and Advertising Designers-
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 Title & Authors
Phenomenological Study on the Essential Meaning of Gentile New Yorkers -Focusing on Fashion Designers and Advertising Designers-
Oh, Hyun Jeong;
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This phenomenological study is to understand the meaning and essence of experience from the perspective of a New Yorker. Participants were 11 Korean single women around 30 years old who work as fashion designers or advertising designers living and working in New York. Data were collected from November, 2013 to February, 2014, and one-to-one in-depth interviews were performed for data collection. Data analysis used the descriptive phenomenological method proposed by Giorgi. Phenomenological research is useful to understand the meaning of the experience for select cases and is used as an epoch and free variation method. The study results were identified from 70 common meanings to 14 exposed themes and 4 essentially themes from a gentile New Yorker's experience. The 4 essential themes were as follows. 1) Self-realization at the highest stage, 2) Indulge in the advanced culture of affluence and freedom, 3) Collapsing every day in depressed foreign workers, and 4) Becoming a rootless gentile New Yorker.
New Yorker;Essence;Meaning;Phenomenological study;Qualitative study;
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