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Effects of 3D Compression Pants and Kinesio Taping on Isokinetic Muscular Function of Leg During Knee Joint Flexion Motion
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 Title & Authors
Effects of 3D Compression Pants and Kinesio Taping on Isokinetic Muscular Function of Leg During Knee Joint Flexion Motion
Choi, Jiyoung; Park, Heegeun; Lee, Wanglok; Hong, Kyunghi;
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This study determines the effect of 3D compression pants and Kinesio taping on muscular function of the leg during knee joint flexion and extension. Eight males participated in the experiment, wearing basic pants (BP), Kinesio taping on bare skin (KT), 3D compression pants with (KTP) and without Kinesio taping (CP). The test protocol for isokinetic muscular function was composed of four sets at three angular velocities (60, 180, ) using Cybex 660. Peak torque and work per repetition of the lower limbs of eight males were analyzed from the result of Cybex. Agility and power of the subjects were examined from side step and sergeant jump. Peak torque, average power, work per repetition, force decay time of subjects wearing CP and KTP were significantly better than BP or KT, especially at low angular velocity of . The time to generate peak torque of subjects wearing BP was the longest, while the force-decay time of BP was the shortest. The application of Kinesio tape on skin did not increase muscle peak torque, work and power, but did shorten the time to generate peak torque.
Kinesio taping;Isokinetic;3D compression pants;Muscular function;Knee joint;
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