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Reproductive Ecology of the Freshwater Melania Snail, Semisulcospira coreana (v. Martens) in Bukhan River
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  • Journal title : The Korean Journal of Malacology
  • Volume 28, Issue 2,  2012, pp.175-185
  • Publisher : The Malacological Society of Korea
  • DOI : 10.9710/kjm.2012.28.2.175
 Title & Authors
Reproductive Ecology of the Freshwater Melania Snail, Semisulcospira coreana (v. Martens) in Bukhan River
Kim, Dae-Hee; Bang, In-Chul; Lee, Wan-Ok; Baek, Jae-Min;
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To clarify reproductive ecology of the melania snail Semisulcospira coreana (v. Martens, 1886) in Bukhan River, gonad development, fatness, gonad index, sex ratio, first sexual maturity of population, monthly change of larvae number and developmental stages in brood pouches were investigated by six identification methods. As maturation progrsses, the sex of the snali can be distinguishable easily by color:: the ovary being blue-green and testis light yellow. The sex ratio of female to male individuals over 13.95 mm shell height was significantly different from 1:1 ( = 38.45, p < 0.05). The sex ratio of female to male individuals changed drastically according to the season, Based on the monthly variations of fatness, gonad index and histological analysis, spawning occurred twice a year (spring and autumn) and the mean size of matured eggs was in diameter. The monthly change of larval number in brood pouch showed also two distinct peaks in March and September during the year. The average number of larvae in brood pouches was 286 - 862 individuals. In this study, the number of larvae in the brood pouches were a minimum in December and a maximum in March (975 larvae). The biological minimum size (the size at 50% of group sexual maturity) of the melania snail was 13.95 mm in shell height in females and males. All females over 15 mm in shell height possesed brood pouches.
Reproductive ecology;Melania snail;Brood pouch;Semisulcospira coreana;
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