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Identification, sequence characterization and expression analysis of the arginine kinase gene in response to laminarin challenge from the Oriental land snail, Nesiohelix samarangae
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  • Journal title : The Korean Journal of Malacology
  • Volume 29, Issue 3,  2013, pp.171-179
  • Publisher : The Malacological Society of Korea
  • DOI : 10.9710/kjm.2013.29.3.171
 Title & Authors
Identification, sequence characterization and expression analysis of the arginine kinase gene in response to laminarin challenge from the Oriental land snail, Nesiohelix samarangae
Jeong, Ji Eun; Lee, Yong Seok;
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Arginine kinase (ArK) is known to play an important role in most invertebrates the level of ATP by phosphorylation of phosphagens in cell and immuninty in living organisms. ArK has been identified in many kinds of organisms ranging from invertebrate to vertebrate. However, no ArK gene has been cloned and investigated from N. samarangae. This leads us to identify ArK cDNA (NsArK) from the expressed sequence tag (EST) sequencing of N. samarangae. Sequence analysis indicated that the coding region of 1,065 bp contains 355 amino acid residues. Molecular phylogenetic analysis shows that NsArK had very high similarities with mollusca and arthropoda. In an attempt to investigate a potential role of NsArK in the digestive gland of N. samarangae, expression patterns were analyzed. RT-PCR analsysis shows that NsArK mRNA is induced in the rane of 1.2 fold at 6 hr by laminarin when compared with the control. The immunnologial and physiological role of NsArK remains to be further investigated in N. samarangae.
cloning;arginine kinase;Nesiohelix samarangae;laminarin;
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동양달팽이 (Nesiohelix samarangae) 의 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) 로부터 분리한 2종류의 Serpin 유전자 분석,박소영;정지은;황희주;왕태훈;박은비;김용민;이준상;한연수;양승하;이용석;

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참전복(Haliotis discus hannai)에서 분리한 peroxiredoxin 2 유전자의 분자생물학적 고찰 및 발현분석,문지영;박은희;공희정;김영옥;김동균;안철민;남보혜;

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북방전복 (Haliotis discus hannai)에서 분리한 Glutathione S-transferase 유전자의 분자생물학적 고찰 및 발현분석,문지영;박은희;공희정;김동균;김영옥;김우진;안철민;남보혜;

한국패류학회지, 2014. vol.30. 4, pp.399-408 crossref(new window)
북방전복 (Haliotis discus hannai) 에서 분리한 Toll-like receptor 2/6 유전자의 분자생물학적 특성 및 발현분석,문지영;박은희;공희정;김영옥;김동균;안철민;남보혜;

한국패류학회지, 2015. vol.31. 3, pp.233-241 crossref(new window)
Identification and in silico analysis of two types of serpin genes from expressed sequence tags (ESTs) of the Oriental land snail, Nesiohelix samarangae, The Korean Journal of Malacology, 2014, 30, 2, 155  crossref(new windwow)
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