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Analysis of genetic divergence according to each mitochondrial DNA region of Haliotis discus hannai
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  • Journal title : The Korean Journal of Malacology
  • Volume 29, Issue 4,  2013, pp.335-341
  • Publisher : The Malacological Society of Korea
  • DOI : 10.9710/kjm.2013.29.4.335
 Title & Authors
Analysis of genetic divergence according to each mitochondrial DNA region of Haliotis discus hannai
Park, Choul-Ji; Nam, Won Sick; Lee, Jeong-Ho; Noh, Jae Koo; Kim, Hyun Chul; Park, Jong Won; Hwang, In Jun; Kim, Sung Yeon;
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The seven mitochondrial DNA regions (ND2, ND5, ND4, ND4L, ND6, ND1 and 12SrRNA) of Haliotis discus hannai were examined to estimate the availability as a genetic marker for the study of population genetic. The region with the highest genetic variation was ND4 (Haplotype diversity = 1.0000, Nucleotide diversity = 0.0108). On the other hand, ND2 and ND1 regions have significantly appeared genetic divergence between clusters (divergence of 90% and 87%). Also, pairwise between clusters within ND2 and ND1 regions showed high values; 0.4061 (P = 0.0000), 0.4805 (P = 0.0000) respectively. Therefore we can infer that it is the most efficient and accurate way to analyze the region of ND4 with the highest variation in addition to the regions of ND2 and ND1, which formed clusters with high bootstrap value, for study of population genetic structure in this species.
mitochondrial DNA;genetic diversity;Haliotis discus hannai;
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Mitochondrial DNA와 microsatellite marker 분석을 통한 한국과 일본에 서식하는 5 지역의 도루묵(Arctoscopus japonicas)에 대한 유전학적 유연관계 분석,김은미;강현숙;강정하;김동균;안철민;이해원;박중연;

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