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Intersexuality of Two Bivalve Species in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
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  • Journal title : The Korean Journal of Malacology
  • Volume 29, Issue 4,  2013, pp.377-380
  • Publisher : The Malacological Society of Korea
  • DOI : 10.9710/kjm.2013.29.4.377
 Title & Authors
Intersexuality of Two Bivalve Species in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Shin, Yun Kyung; Kim, Suji; Jeon, Mi Ae; Lee, Yeon Gyu; Lee, Jung Sick;
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This study investigated concentration of metal ions in sediment and intersexuality in Polymesoda erosa and Lutraria lutraria. Samples were collected from five areas of Ha Long Bay in October, 2012. The concentration of metal ions showed that Al () was highest and Mn () was second high concentration. Cd () was lowest. The intersexuality was 14.3% in P. erosa and 9.1% in L. lutraria that observed only in female.
Ha Long Bay;bivalves;heavy metal;intersexuality;
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