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Predation of Neptunea cumingii Crosse on the Young Disk Abalone, Haliotis discus hannai (Ino) in the Eastern Coast of Korea
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  • Journal title : The Korean Journal of Malacology
  • Volume 31, Issue 3,  2015, pp.165-170
  • Publisher : The Malacological Society of Korea
  • DOI : 10.9710/kjm.2015.31.3.165
 Title & Authors
Predation of Neptunea cumingii Crosse on the Young Disk Abalone, Haliotis discus hannai (Ino) in the Eastern Coast of Korea
Byon, Ju-Young; Moon, Hyung-Tae; Son, Min Ho; Hwang, Choul-Hee; Lee, Jong-Wook; Kim, Dae-Ik;
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The presence of predators (excluding starfishes) of disk abalone, Haliotis discus hannai was directly investigated by nine SCUBA divings during February-December 2014 at the coastal areas of Yangjeong, Jukjin and Bongpyeong, Uljin, Korea, where the young disk abalone seedlings were artificially released. The results revealed that a total of six individuals of Neptunea cumingii that were feeding on the young disk abalone were observed within the water depth 10m at the coastal area of Jukjin, of which bottom substrate consists of the relatively high composition rate of rocks (60.3%). Though N. cumingii is well known as a carnivorous predator of diverse marine invertebrates such as live mussels (Mytilus spp.) it is the first report that this predator also feeds on the disk abalones. Thus, our results strongly suggest that the future artificial release projects around Korean coasts necessitate extermination works of predators including newly observed N. cumingii in this study as well as previously known starfishes prior to the releases of young Pacific abalone seedlings.
Neptunea cumingii;predation;abalone;Korea;
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