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Design and Synthesis of Novel Energetic Oxirane Monomers Containing a Molecular Explosive Moiety
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 Title & Authors
Design and Synthesis of Novel Energetic Oxirane Monomers Containing a Molecular Explosive Moiety
Shen, Yechen; Kwon, Younghwan; Kim, Jin Seuk;
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Energetic monomers with new design concept were synthesized for energetic prepolymers. Novel energetic monomers consisted of ring-opening polymerizable oxirane and a molecular explosive moiety instead of small explosophores as energetic functional groups. According to the design concept, glycidyl dinitroazetidine (GDNAZ) and glycidyl nitroazetidinol(GNAZO) energetic monomers were synthesized, respectively, and characterized by NMR, EA and GC MS. Heat of formation and detonation performance were calculated by theoretical method to evaluate energy performance of these novel energetic monomers. The result revealed that GDANZ and GNAZO possessed high potential as new energetic monomers for synthesizing energetic prepolymers and binders in PBXs.
Energetic Monomer;Glycidyl Dinitroazetidine;Glycidyl Nitroazetidinol;
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