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Design the Guidance and Control for Precision Guidance Munitions using Reference Trajectory
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 Title & Authors
Design the Guidance and Control for Precision Guidance Munitions using Reference Trajectory
Sung, Jae min; Han, Eu Jene; Song, Min Sup; Kim, Byoung Soo;
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This paper present, the result of the guidance and control law for a course correction munitions(CCM) with 2sets of canards positioned in the rotating nose section. The nonlinear simulation model of the CCM was developed based on 7DOF equation of motion. The ability of correcting position was verified by open-loop control input with nonlinear model. The guidance and control command was constructed by reference trajectory which can be obtained with no control. Finally, the performance of the guidance and control law was evaluated through Monte-carlo simulation. The CEP(Circular Error Probability) was obtained by considering the errors in muzzle velocity, aerodynamic coefficient, wind, elevation and azimuth angle and density.
Dual-spin Projectile;7DOF Model;Course Correction Munitions;Monte-carlo Simulation;
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