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Applications and Key Technologies of Biomimetic Underwater Robot for Naval Operations
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 Title & Authors
Applications and Key Technologies of Biomimetic Underwater Robot for Naval Operations
Lee, Ki-Young;
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This paper gives an overview on the some potential applications and key technologies of biomimetic underwater robot for naval operations. Unlike most manned underwater naval systems, biomimetic underwater robots can be especially useful in near-land or harbour areas due to their ability to operate in shallow water effectively. Biomimetic underwater robot provide advantages in reaching locations that would be difficult or too dangerous for a manned vehicle to reach, as well as providing a level of autonomy that can remove the requirement for dedicated human operator support. Using multiple or schools of underwater robots would provide increased flexibility for navigation, communication and surveillance ability. And it alleviate some of the restrictions associated with speed and endurance design constraints.
Biomimetic Underwater Robot;Naval Operation;Search and Identification;Operation Concept;Autonomous Underwater Vehicle;
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