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Temporal and Spatial Variability of Sound Propagation Characteristics in the Northern East China Sea
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 Title & Authors
Temporal and Spatial Variability of Sound Propagation Characteristics in the Northern East China Sea
Park, Kyeongju; Chu, Peter Cheng;
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Acoustic propagation in shallow water with changing environments is a major concern of navy. Temporal and spatial variability of acoustic propagation in the northern East China Sea (ECS) is studied, using the 11 years hydrographic data and the Bellhop acoustic model. Acoustic propagation in the northern ECS is highly variable due to extensive interaction of various ocean currents and boundaries. Seasonal variations of transmission loss (TL) with various source depths are highly affected by sharp gradient of sound speed and bottoms interaction. Especially, various bottom sediment types lead to severely degrading a waterborne propagation with bottom loss. In particular, the highly increased TL near the ocean front depends on the source position, and the direction of sound propagation.
Shallow-water Acoustics;Sound Propagation;Transmission Loss;Variability;East China Sea;
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