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Development of Chemical Vapor Sampler for Man-in-Simulant Test(MIST)
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 Title & Authors
Development of Chemical Vapor Sampler for Man-in-Simulant Test(MIST)
Jung, Hyunsook; Lee, Kyoo Won; Kah, Dongha; Jung, Heesoo; Ko, Chung Ah; Choi, Geun Seob; Park, Hyen Bae; Lee, Hae Wan;
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We have recently developed a cost-effective and pouch-type chemical vapor sampler which consists of a selectively permeable high density polyethylene(HDPE) membrane, aluminum/nylon barrier film, and adsorbents. Since the sampler mimics the actual adsorption process that occurs when the skin is exposed to chemical vapors, it can be applied to man-in-simulant test(MIST) to determine the protective capability of individual protective ensembles for chemical warfare agents. In this study, we describe the manufacturing process of samplers and results for performance testing on MIST. Methyl salicylate(MeS) is used to simulate chemical agent vapor and the vapor sampler was used to monitor chemical concentration of MeS inside the protective suit system while worn. Values of protection factors(PF) were also analyzed to provide an indication of the protection level of the suit system evaluate by MIST. The results obtained by home-made samplers(ADD samplers) and commercially avaliable ones(Natick samplers) showed no significant differences.
Chemical Vapor Sampler;Man-in-Simulant Test;Methyl Salicylate;Protection Factor;
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