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The Flow Field Structures of In-lined Double Jet-in-Cross Flow at Low Velocity Ratio
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 Title & Authors
The Flow Field Structures of In-lined Double Jet-in-Cross Flow at Low Velocity Ratio
Lee, Ki-Young;
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The flow field structures of dual jet-in-cross-flow were examined experimentally for in-lined perforated damage holes configuration using particle image velocimetry. Ensemble averaged in-plane velocity and vorticity data in the jet were determined to study the mean jet structure. Jets are formed by pressure differences between upper and lower airfoil surface. The flow structure of vicinity of the thru holes consist of a vortical structure that wrap around the jets like a horseshoe and develop further downstream through a pair of stream-wise vortices. The shape, size and location of the horseshoe vortex were found to be dependent on the angle of attack. In spite of the existence of battle damage holes, the effect on the control force was insignificant when the damage size was not large enough.
Battle Damaged Hole;Jet-in-Crossflow;In-lined Dual Jet;Particle Image Velocimetry(PIV);Horseshoe Vortex;
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