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Whole Transcriptomic Analysis of Bacillus anthracis during Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination
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 Title & Authors
Whole Transcriptomic Analysis of Bacillus anthracis during Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination
Kim, Sang Hoon; Kim, Se Kye; Jung, Kyoung Hwa; Yoon, Sung Nyo; Kim, Yun Ki; Kim, Min Cheol; Ryu, Sam Gon; Lee, Hae Wan; Chai, Young Gyu;
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Decontamination of biological agents utilizes hydrogen peroxide() for its effectiveness and safeness. Bacillus anthracis is a major target for decontamination. To assess the effect of on B. anthracis and identify biomarkers for decontamination, whole transcriptomic profiling of -treated B. anthracis was performed. Here we identified deregulation in stress response genes, transcription factors and cellular homeostasis genes. We also found that expression of antisense RNAs increased in B. anthracis during decontamination. We postulate that B. anthracis prioritizes survival and adaptation in response to treatment by changing its gene expression pattern.
Bacillus anthracis;Transcrptome;Hydrogen Peroxide;Decontamination;
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