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M&S Software Design of Multiple Radio Positioning Integration System
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 Title & Authors
M&S Software Design of Multiple Radio Positioning Integration System
Koo, Moonsuk; Kim, YoungJoon; Choi, Kwang-Ho; So, Hyoungmin; Oh, Sang Heon; Kim, Seong-Cheol; Lee, Hyung-Keun; Hwang, Dong-Hwan;
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Even though GNSS provides highly accurate navigation information all over the world, it is vulnerable to jamming in the electronic warfare due to its weak signal power. The United States and Korea have plans to use terrestrial navigation systems as back-up systems during outage of GNSS. In order to develop back-up systems of GNSS, an M&S software platform is necessary for performance evaluation of various vehicle trajectories and integrated navigation systems. In this paper a design method of an M&S software is proposed for evaluation of multiple radio positioning integration systems. The proposed M&S software consists of a navigation environment generation part, a navigation algorithm part, a GUI part and a coverage analysis part. Effectiveness of the proposed design method is shown by implementing an M&S software for the GPS, DME and eLoran navigation systems.
Modeling & Simulation;Terrestrial Radio Navigation System;GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System);Integrated Navigation System;
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