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Deep UV Raman Spectroscopic Study for the Standoff Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents from the Agent-Contaminated Ground Surface
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 Title & Authors
Deep UV Raman Spectroscopic Study for the Standoff Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents from the Agent-Contaminated Ground Surface
Choi, Sun-Kyung; Jeong, Young-Su; Lee, Jae Hwan; Ha, Yeon-Chul;
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Short-range detection of chemical agents deposited on ground surface using a standoff Raman system employing a pulsed laser at 248 nm is described. Mounted in a vehicle such as an NBC reconnaissance vehicle, the system is protected against toxic chemicals. As most chemicals including chemical warfare agents have unique Raman spectra, the spectra can be used for detecting toxic chemicals contaminated on the ground. This article describes the design of the Raman spectroscopic system and its performance on several chemicals contaminated on asphalt, concrete, sand, etc.
Chemical Warfare Agents(CWAs);Deep UV Raman Spectroscopy;Short-range Standoff Detection;Standard Raman Spectrum;
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