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A Study on Hydrogel-Based CK Agent Detecting Gel Using Konig Reaction
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Hydrogel-Based CK Agent Detecting Gel Using Konig Reaction
Kim, Kyungmin; Kim, Kyung-pil;
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A simple and sensitive hydrogel-based detecting gel has been presented for the qualitative determination of cyanogen chloride(CK) using Konig reaction. To optimize Konig reaction conditions, the effects of pyridine and barbituric acid concentration were investigated. Under the optimized conditions, CK gas concentration was directly related with absorbance change at 567 nm. Based on aqueous solution test results, we finally prepared CK detecting hydrogel by absorbing pyridine and barbituric acid solution. Color change of the prepared CK detecting hydrogel was clearly observed when the detecting gel was exposed to 10 ppm CK gas.
CK(Cyanogen chloride);Konig Reaction;Hydrogel;
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