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Analysis for Performance of the HT-PEFC based Auxiliary Power Unit by Aspen Plus Software
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 Title & Authors
Analysis for Performance of the HT-PEFC based Auxiliary Power Unit by Aspen Plus Software
Yu, Minkyu; Park, Ji-il; Kwon, Hyuksang;
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The fuel cell based auxiliary power unit (APU) is promising for power source of armed vehicles due to its silence and high efficiency. Especially, the on board hydrogen generation and fed to fuel cell system was core technology of this power system. In this study, we analyzed the performance of the Auto thermal reactor (ATR) that produce the hydrogen from the fuel, integrated High temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell (HT-PEFC) by Aspen plus software. The fuel was designed as a n-dodecane for analysis of military fuel (JP-8).
Aspen Plus;HT-PEFC;APU;ATR;n-dodecane;
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