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A Study on Ship Path Planning Algorithm based on Real-time Ocean Environment
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Ship Path Planning Algorithm based on Real-time Ocean Environment
Kim, Dongjun; Seol, Hyeonju; Kim, Jinju;
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Unlike terrestrial transportation, marine transportation should consider environment factors in order to optimize path planning. This is because, ship`s path planning is greatly influenced by real-time ocean environment-sea currents, wave and wind. Therefore, in this study, we suggest a ship path planning algorithm based on real-time ocean environment using not only algorithm but also path smoothing method. Moreover, in order to improve objective function value, we also consider ship`s moving distance based on ship`s location and real-time ocean environment data on grid map. The efficiency of the suggested algorithm is proved by comparing with algorithm only. This algorithm can be used as a reasonable automatics control system algorithm for unmaned ship.
Path Planning;Real-time Ocean Environment; Algorithm;Path Smoothing Method;
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