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A Study on the Influence of C4I System Quality on Operational Performance : Role of Perceived Usefulness and User Satisfaction
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Influence of C4I System Quality on Operational Performance : Role of Perceived Usefulness and User Satisfaction
Jeong, Young Sin; Park, Jong Woo; Jo, Dong Hyuk;
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The need and interest for a successful operation of Information System in the defense industry have increased due to a rapid development in ICT. However, research on adderssing such increased demand has been minimal. This paper introduces a Success Model for IS in the defense field based on literature reviews, and proves the performance of the proposed model. The verification results show that the quality factors of IS have positive influence on perceived usefulness and user satisfaction. The results, as well, imply that perceived usefulness and user satisfaction improves the operational performance of IS. Therefore, this study proves that quality factors of IS increase the operational performance through perceived usefulness and user satisfaction. Through this research, the patterns of information utilization in the defense IS is understood, and the directions for improving the operational performance of IS is presented.
System Quality Factors;Perceived Usefulness;User Satisfaction;Individual Performance;Organizational Performance;
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