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Effective Use of Radio Altimeter in GPS/DME Integrated Navigation Systems
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 Title & Authors
Effective Use of Radio Altimeter in GPS/DME Integrated Navigation Systems
Koo, Moonsuk; So, Hyoungmin; Oh, Sang Heon; Hwang, Dong-Hwan;
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Many researches on use of local ground navigation systems can be found to overcome vulnerability of GNSS. Effective use of an altimeter is proposed in GNSS/DME integrated navigation systems. A weighted DOP based on statistics of measurement error is derived for a given vehicle motion trajectory. From the derived DOP, the vertical error is estimated. By comparing the estimated vertical error with error specification of the altimeter, use of the altimeter is determined in the GPS/DME integrated navigation systems. In order to show effectiveness of the proposed method, 50 times Monte-Carlo simulations were performed for a GPS/DME integrated navigation system. The results show that the proposed method gives more accurate navigation outputs when the number of GPS satellites in view varies.
GNSS;Ground Navigation;Integrated Navigation System;Altimeter;DOP(Dilution of Precision);
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