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Design of Transparent Electromagnetic Absorbing Structure using Metal Grid Mesh Printing
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 Title & Authors
Design of Transparent Electromagnetic Absorbing Structure using Metal Grid Mesh Printing
Yoon, Sun-Hong; Lee, Jun-Sang; Lee, In-Gon; Hong, Ic-Pyo;
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In this paper, we designed the transparent circuit analog radar absorbing structure using printed metal grid mesh for enhanced optical transmittance. To obtain wideband electromagnetic absorption and enhanced optical transparency at X-band, we proposed the resistive FSS(Frequency Selective Surface) using printed metal mesh pattern on transparent glass with PEC(Perfect Electric Conductor) plane using ITO(Indium Thin Oxide) coating. We then fabricated the proposed structure to verify the simulation results obtained from commercial EM simulator. The comparisons between the simulation and measured results show good agreements. The results also show that the proposed radar absorbing structure can provide wideband reflection as well as better optical transparency. We can apply this proposed structure to the canopy of stealth aircraft and other stealth and security applications for visible transparency.
Electromagnetic Absorbing Structure;Frequency Selective Surface;Metal mesh;Optical Transmittance;
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