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Characteristics of Heat Transfer and Chemical Reaction in Reformer Tube for Fuel Reynolds Number and Burner Gas Temperature
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics of Heat Transfer and Chemical Reaction in Reformer Tube for Fuel Reynolds Number and Burner Gas Temperature
Han, Jun Hee; Yoon, Kee Bong; Kim, Ji Yoon; Lee, Seong Hyuk;
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The study investigated numerically the heat transfer and chemical reaction characteristics of a methane-steam reforming by using a 3-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code (Fluent ver. 16.1). The fuel temperature and its species mole fractions were estimated for various Reynolds number in the reformer tube at different burner temperatures. The catalysts were modeled as the porous medium of nicrome in the reformer tube. We considered radiation effect as well as conduction and convective heat transfer because the methane-steam was reformed at very high temperature condition above 1000 K. For two different Reynolds numbers of 49,000 and 88,000 and the burner temperatures were in the range from 1,100 K to 1,300 K. At a low Reynolds number, the fuel temperature increased, leading to increase in hydrogen reforming. However, fuel temperature and hydrogen reforming decreased because of higher convective heat transfer from relatively low fuel temperature. Moreover, the hydrogen reforming also increased with burner temperature.
computational fluid dynamics;methane-steam reforming;reynolds number;
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