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Study on the Performance of a Spark Ignition Gas Engine for Power Generation fueled by the Methane/Syngas Mixture
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 Title & Authors
Study on the Performance of a Spark Ignition Gas Engine for Power Generation fueled by the Methane/Syngas Mixture
Cha, Hyoseok; Hur, Kwang Beom; Song, Soonho;
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Hydrogen is usually produced by using syngas generated by the fuel reforming for natural gas so far. The further process is needed for increasing the hydrogen yield of syngas. However, the process for upgrading the hydrogen yield is accompanied by additional energy sources and economic costs. Thus related studies on the method for using as a mixture in itself have been conducted in order to utilize more efficiently syngas. The effect on the engine performance for methane/syngas mixture of 30kW spark ignition gas engine for power generation has been investigated in this study. As a result, it was found that the combustion phenomena such as the maximum in-cylinder pressure and crank angle at that time have been improved by methane/syngas mixture. Through these, fuel conversion efficiency could be enhanced by about 98% of methane/hydrogen mixture and emissions could be reduced by about 12% of methane-hydrogen mixture.
gas engine;methane;syngas;fuel conversion efficiency; emissions;
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