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An Study on Spray and Combustion Characteristics of Direct Injection LPG under Low Pressure Injection Condition
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 Title & Authors
An Study on Spray and Combustion Characteristics of Direct Injection LPG under Low Pressure Injection Condition
Hwang, Seong-Ill; Chung, Sung-Sik; Yeom, Jeong-Kuk; Lee, Jin-Hyun;
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Liquefied petroleum gas is regarded as a promising alternative fuel as it is eco-friendly, has good energy efficiency and output performance, practically and has high cost competitiveness over competing fuels. In spark-ignition engine, direct injection technology improves engine volumetric efficiency apparently and operates engine using the stratified charge that has relatively higher combustion efficiency. This study designed a combustion chamber equipped with visualization system by applying gasoline direct injection engine principle. In doing so, the study recorded and analyzed ignition probability and flame propagation process of spark-ignited direct injection LPG in a digital way. The result can contribute as a basic resource widespread for spark-ignited direct injection LPG engine design and optimization extensively.
LPG-DI(Liquefied Petroleum Gas-Direct Injection);Spark-Ignited(SI);Visualization System;Ignition Probability;Constant Volume Combustion Chamber;
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