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Hemodynamical analysis by viscosity characteristics of artificial blood for μ-PIV experiment of Radio-cephalic arteriovenous fistula(RC-AVF)
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 Title & Authors
Hemodynamical analysis by viscosity characteristics of artificial blood for μ-PIV experiment of Radio-cephalic arteriovenous fistula(RC-AVF)
Song, Ryungeun; Lee, Jinkee;
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Radio-cephalic arteriovenous fistula(RC-AVF) is the most recommended operation of achieving access for hemodialysis. However, it has high rates of early failure depending on the many haemodynamic conditions. To increase RC-AVF patency rate, many researches were performed by in-vitro experiment via artificial vessel and blood analogue fluid, and there were conflicting opinions about whether the non-Newtonian properties of blood have an influence on the flow in large arteries. To investigate the influence of viscoelasticity of blood within the RC-AVF, we fabricated three dimensional artificial RC-AVF and two kinds of blood analogue fluid. The velocity field of two fluids within the vessel were measured by micro-particle velocimetry(m-PIV) and compared with each other. The velocity profiles of both fluids for systolic phase were matched well while those for diastolic phase did not correspond. Therefore, it is desired to use non-newtonian fluid for in-vitro experiment of RC-AVF.
Flow Visualization;-PIV;Arteriovenous Fistula;Newtonian fluid;Non-newtonian fluid;
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