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Turbulence in temporally decelerating pipe flows
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 Title & Authors
Turbulence in temporally decelerating pipe flows
Jeong, Wongwan; Lee, Jae Hwa;
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Direct numerical simulations (DNSs) of turbulent pipe flows with temporal deceleration were performed to examine response of the turbulent flows to the deceleration. The simulations were started with a fully-developed turbulent pipe flow at the Reynolds number, , based on the pipe radius and the laminar centerline velocity, and three different constant temporal decelerations were applied to the initial flow with varying dU/dt = -0.001274, -0.00625 and -0.025. It was shown that the mean flows were greatly affected by temporal decelerations with downward shift of log law, and turbulent intensities were increased in particular in the outer layer, compared to steady flows at a similar Reynolds number. The analysis of Reynolds shear stress showed that second- and fourth-quadrant Reynolds shear stresses were increased with the decelerations, and the increase of the turbulence was attributed to enhancement of outer turbulent vortical structures by the temporal decelerations.
Direct Numerical Simulation;Turbulent Pipe Flows;Temporal Deceleration;
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