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Visualization of oxygen distribution on leaf surfaces using VisiSens oxygen planar optode system
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 Title & Authors
Visualization of oxygen distribution on leaf surfaces using VisiSens oxygen planar optode system
Hwang, BaeGeun; Kim, HyeJeong; Lee, SangJoon;
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Oxygen is a key factor in aerobic reactions and most biological activities. Visualization of oxygen distribution of a chemical process or biological system has been a very challenging object despite of its significance and potential impact. To monitor and visualize the spatial distribution of oxygen concentration, various techniques such as electro-chemical probe, polarographic electrode, LIF(laser-induced fluorescence) and so on have been introduced. Oxygen planar optode which utilizes the oxygen quenching of fluorescence light is one of the currently available methods for time-resolved visualization of oxygen distribution on a planar surface. In this study, we utilized VisiSens oxygen planar optode system to visualize the spatial distribution of oxygen concentration on leaves of Korean azalea. As a result, temporal variation of oxygen concentration distribution caused by respiratory activity of the leaf could be quantitatively monitored.
Oxygen planar optode;Oxygen quenching;Oxygen distribution;Photorespiration;
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