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A Case Report of Bangkibokryeong-tang on Antibiotic Resistant Urinary Tract Infection of Cerebral Vascular Accident Patient
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  • Journal title : Herbal Formula Science
  • Volume 23, Issue 1,  2015, pp.141-150
  • Publisher : The Korean Journal of Oriental Medical Prescription
  • DOI : 10.14374/HFS.2015.23.1.141
 Title & Authors
A Case Report of Bangkibokryeong-tang on Antibiotic Resistant Urinary Tract Infection of Cerebral Vascular Accident Patient
Hwang, Yun-Kyeong; Kim, Won-Ill;
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Objectives : This study is to report the effects of Bangkibokryeong-tang(Fanjifuling-tang(BBT)) on stroke patient with Urinary tract infection.(UTI) Methods : A stroke patient diagnosed as UTI was treated with BBT (防己茯笭湯) at one-month intervals. We observed body temperature, amount of urine and recorded photographs of any changes during the treatment period. Treatment efficacy was assessed using urinary analysis. Results : After the treatment, there was improvement in urine analysis. And the symptoms of UTI and her conditions got better. Conclusion : The report suggests that BBT is effective in controlling various symptoms related to UTI with antibiotic resistance on stroke patient.
Urinary Tract Infection(UTI);Stroke;Urinary analysis(UA);Bangkibokryeong-tang(Fanjifuling-tang);Antibiotic resistance;
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