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Case Report of Post-CVA Voiding Dysfunction Treated with Gamidaejihwang-tangaggam
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  • Journal title : Herbal Formula Science
  • Volume 23, Issue 2,  2015, pp.261-269
  • Publisher : The Korean Journal of Oriental Medical Prescription
  • DOI : 10.14374/HFS.2015.23.2.261
 Title & Authors
Case Report of Post-CVA Voiding Dysfunction Treated with Gamidaejihwang-tangaggam
Hong, Sang-Hoon; Park, Sang-Eun;
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Objectives : The purpose of this case reports is to report the possibility of Post-CVA voiding dysfunction treated with Gamidaejihwang-tangaggam(加味大地黃湯加減). Methods : Three patients with Post-CVA voiding dysfunction were treated by Gamidaejihwang-tanggagam. Effect of treatment is assessed as Bladder Function Parity. Results and conclusions : Bladder function parity score improved, in three case. Additional research is needed on the effects of Gamidaejihwang-tanggagam for a Post-CVA Voiding disfunction.
Voiding dysfunction;Stroke;Post-CVA;Gamidajihwang-tanggagam;
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풍(風)질환과 관련 있는 식치방(食治方)에 관한 연구 - 『식의심감(食醫心鑑)』, 『음선정요(飮膳正要)』, 『식료찬요(食療纂要)』를 중심으로 -,홍진임;

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