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Simulation and Testing of the Effect of Current Collection Performance According to Pre-sag in 400km/h Overhead Contact Lines
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 Title & Authors
Simulation and Testing of the Effect of Current Collection Performance According to Pre-sag in 400km/h Overhead Contact Lines
Kwon, Sam Young; Cho, Yong Hyeon; Lee, Kiwon; Oh, Hyuck Keun;
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A 400km/h simple catenary system was constructed as a test line in Korea. In the design stage of this system, the pre-sag was one of the engineering issues most focused on. It is known that the pre-sag improves the current collection performance in a certain band of high speed. However, the effect of pre-sag at 400km/h has not yet been established. To grasp a better pre-sag in the 400km/h catenary, we transacted the dynamic performance prediction simulation between catenary and pantograph under conditions of 0 and 1/3000 pre-sag. The level of 0 pre-sag was adapted for the 400km/h catenary design after reviewing predictions. We constituted the 1/3000 pre-sag sample section (about 1km) while constructing the 400km/h catenary test-bed (28km) of 0 pre-sag. With a HEMU-430X train, the contact forces were measured in the test-bed including the pre-sag sample section. In this paper, the predicted and measured dynamic performance values (contact forces) for 0 and 1/3000 pre-sag are described and compared. It is conclusively confirmed by analytical and experimental examination that the non pre-sag showed better dynamic (current collection) performance than that of the 1/3000 pre-sag for the 400km/h catenary system.
Pre-sag;400km/h catenary;Current collection;400km/h test-bed;HEMU-430X;
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400km/h급 전차선로용 드로퍼의 기계적 피로 수명 평가,조용현;이기원;

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